Erik SteighnerCompositions:

Rondo à la Banjo (2009)
Saxophone trio (SAB),  3’15’’
Order (full audio on YouTube)

Lucky Numbers (2006)
Saxophone ensemble (S S S S S A A A T T T B B Bs),  7’20’’
Order (audio clip features Tex Sax, April 2007)

Foibles (2004)
Saxophone septet (S A A T T B Bs), 9’15”
Order (audio clip features Tex Sax, April 2005)


A Collection of Etudes Targeting Altissimo Passages in Alto Saxophone Solo Literature (2008)
Available from The University of Texas at Austin

As Editor:

Studies for Saxophone by Gregory Youtz (2012)
Available from Alea Publishing


Pavel Chesnokov
Spaséñiye Sodélal (Salvation is Created)
Six players (multiple versions)
Available from Alry Publications

Charles Ives
The Alcotts from Piano Sonata No. 2
Eleven players (Sn S S A A A T T B B Bs)
For ordering information, contact G. Schirmer

C.M. von Weber
Der Freischütz Suite (Lied, Cavatine, Volkslied, Jägerchor)
Ten players (Sn/S S A A A T T B B Bs)
Recorded on the Tex Sax album Next Generation
Available from Alry Publications

J.S. Bach
Der Geist hilft unser Schwachheit auf (motet)
Eight players (S A T B / S A T B)

W.A. Mozart
Alto or tenor saxophone and piano

C.M. von Weber
Cavatine from Der Freischütz
Alto or soprano saxophone and piano